Thoughts From Our Heads

Thoughts From Our Heads


Why get coaching for your managers?

Thursday 11th January 2018

Sometimes when you are so entrenched in your industry you forget that others outside the industry won't necessarily understand what exactly you do or how it is of value! One of my pet peeves when I worked in marketing was websites and company brochures that left you wondering what the business was! Since working in training, I have always striven to make our services and value as simple and easy to understand as possible. However, I understand that we might not always achieve that goal. Coaching in particular is one area that people often struggle to understand the value of, until perhaps they have actually experienced it for themselves.

So, if you haven't had coaching before here is a simple guide to what it is and how it can help:

1. Coaching is not mentoring, giving advice or consulting. Your coach is there to help you discover the answers for themselves. They don't have to have worked in your industry and they don't have to be more experienced than you.

2. A coach is there to ask you great questions, challenge you, give you feedback and provide a safe forum for you to self-reflect and talk issues out. 

3. With a coach you will set goals and the coach will help hold you accountable for achieving those goals. 

4. A coach will draw your attention to areas where you might not have focused before. They can help you uncover things that are subconsciously holding you back and help you overcome them. 

5. A coach is your sounding board for ideas but will not offer their opinions or advice. A good coach knows that you hold all the answers and help you to recognize that too.

The best way to understand the value of coaching is to experience it for yourself! We believe that everyone who is serious about their own success should have a coach. So, reach out to a coach you know or contact us to discuss coaching packages. Look out for our next post on picking the right coach for you.