Thoughts From Our Heads

Thoughts From Our Heads


What's new in 2020?

Thursday 30th January 2020

Last week I wrote about some personal commitments for 2020 and the power of identity shifts. In line with change and new commitments this week I wanted to let you know about some shifts and new initiatives for the business this year. I love what I do and when you enjoy something it is easy to get complacent. I am always conscious of response when someone said they have 15 years experience and the other person says, no you don’t, you just have one year of experience repeated 15 times. How easy is it for us to fall into the trap of doing the same things year on year because we like doing them? Or even doing things year on year that we don’t particularly enjoy doing but we don’t change because change is hard and the status quo is the easier option.

For me, 2020 is less about sweeping changes and more about a slight re-focus and adjustment to where our time and energy will be spent. There are many new exciting initiatives and programmes that will be launching this year. With so many great things happening in the region and so many businesses undergoing their own transformations we see huge potential to make a real difference. We have some great new partnerships that are kicking off the new year with gusto for us and some exciting initiatives just around the corner.


Click below for more information on the following initiatives. 

Women in Leadership – we are so looking forward to launching this 5-day women-only leadership programme. Led by women for women, bring it on.

Barrett Values– values shape everything. You might have a set of company values but are they lived every day? And do your employees know how they align with their personal values?

CliftonStrengths – we continue to love CliftonStrengths and for 2020 bring a fresh focus on strengths implementation and culture change

Management and Leadership – managers matter, and so does their development. We bring you strong learning journeys that develop your senior team to be the leaders you need them to be

Emotional Intelligence-  a new approach to training this important skill. These courses have proved so far to be some of the most fun and impactful that we do, can’t wait for more of them this year

Saudi Arabia an exciting new market for us 2020, I see lots of Emirates flights in my future…

Non-Violent Communication– the communication technique loved by Microsoft. This can do really amazing things for your work and personal relationships.

Cultural Transformation – shape the culture that you want for your business. Let us help you with tools, consulting, assessments, coaching and training to transform your business



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