Thoughts From Our Heads

Thoughts From Our Heads


Tune out and tune in, enjoying family time...

Thursday 24th December 2015



This time of year hopefully brings a break from work and a chance to enjoy time with friends and family, reflect on the year gone by and the year to come and eat too much! Achieving a work life balance is something many people struggle with and disconnecting can be hard. Work stressors and pressures take too much time and energy, leaving little of you left over for quality time at home. So this week some tips to achieve balance and to tune into your family over the holidays or indeed any time.

1. Turn off emails. You say you won't look, you have some down time, you get curious and have a quick glance. Whatever the content of the inbox it distracts you from where you are and at worst it causes you to stressed and anxious about work problems that you can do little about right now.

2. Set expectations. "I'll be on holiday but I'll still be contactable and still be working." Something I am sure we have all said. If you don't respect your own holiday time, no one else will. People can cope without you; if you're a good manager your reputation depends on your teams ability to continue as normal when you are not there.

3. Avoid screen time. At work we are connected to screens most of the time. Either screens or endless meetings, both are tiresome. In your downtime put the iPhone, Samsung, iPad down. Connect with your family, talk to people, go for a walk, read a book, listen to your favourite album, learn something.

4. Get it done. If work is unavoidable in your weekends or holiday time, do it first thing in the morning and set yourself a strict time limit. You are most productive and your time is most beneficial when you focus 100% on what you are doing at that time. So its better to give to work 100% for one hour than dip in an out all day. Then your family can benefit from 100% of your attention.

5. Priorities. Remember no one ever lie on their death bed wishing they spent more time in the office!

Enjoy your holidays/weekend everyone.