Thoughts From Our Heads

Thoughts From Our Heads


StrengthsFinder Success!

Wednesday 21st February 2018
StrengthsFinder is a brilliant tool with proven results in improving employee engagement; reducing staff turnover; making employees more productive and improving relationships amongst colleagues.

Companies that have adopted a Strengths philosophy include Microsoft, Cisco, Facebook, Philips, Intel and Rackspace. Being Strengths focussed means that as an organisation you focus on, celebrate and develop individuals in line with their natural talents rather than focussing on and trying to develop weaknesses.

So if you want to introduce StrengthsFinder to your organisation how do you ensure the best chance of success? Follow these tips to ensure you don't waste time and money on a poorly planned initiative.

What is StrengthsFinder? 

Start at the Top

As with most new initiatives it is critical that you get buy in from senior management before you implement to the rest of the organisation. StrengthsFinder involves a shift in thinking and focus where organisations go from focussing on weaknesses to focussing on strengths. It is therefore critical that the skills and conversations start top down.

Mix Training and Coaching Initiatives

StrengthsFinder development works best when training and coaching initiatives are combined. Training works great for general awareness of StrengthsFinder, understanding the themes and getting to know your colleagues and planning how you will work together more effectively. Coaching allows individuals to deep dive into their own strengths profile and consider where their greatest areas of potential are, overcome challenges that may be holding them back and go into detail on how they will lead/work with others through the lens of their strengths.

Link to Other Training Objectives

StrengthsFinder is a great support to other training objectives that you have for your employees. Strengths can be used to support team building initiatives; management and leadership training programmes, personal development and communication skills. By weaving StrengthsFinder into other programmes you allow employees to build richer understanding and application of their own Strengths.

Ensure Strengths Visibility

To be successful strengths should become part of everyday conversations amongst employees. Help encourage these conversations by giving visibility of the StrengthsFinder themes within the organisation. This could be in internal promotion campaigns, company communications, on email signatures or on coffee mugs!

Have Internal Champions

You need people throughout your organisation who are 'Strengths Champions' who are prepared to shout from the rooftops about how great the tool is. These individuals could get Strengths certified from Gallup but this is not essential. They could just be people that take an extra interest in Strengths and are keen to support others on the Strengths Journey.

Reflect Policies and Procedures

There is no point introducing a Strengths campaign only to contradict the work with your HR policies that focus on weakness fixing. HR needs to fully embrace strengths and adjust employee development and performance management procedures to reflect the Strengths Philosophy.

StrengthsFinder - when done right - can be an amazing tool that transforms the culture of your organisation.
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