Thoughts From Our Heads

Thoughts From Our Heads


Remote working in Bali

Thursday 17th August 2017


I always try to get away a bit during summer, I love the sun more than most but the Dubai heat at this time of year is no fun at all! This year I decided to venture further away and for longer than normal to Bali in Indonesia for a month of remote working. Whether you are working in paradise somewhere or simply out of Costa near the office there are some rules we can all follow to stay productive while out of the office!

Below is my advice on how I have kept the work up during my month away.

1. Set clear goals. From the outset set your goals of what you want to achieve. I did this for my month in Bali and I do it when I escape the office for a few hours. When I am in Dubai I sometimes will go to a coffee shop and say to myself, "I am not leaving until I have accomplished X" it's a great technique for focussing the mind. In Bali I had 7 goals I wanted to accomplish before I left. I made sure they were a stretch, but also realistic.

2. Find your base. You need to create an appropriate working space for yourself where you know you can be most productive. I signed up to a co-working space - Hubud but also scoured Ubud for the best coffee shops with good wifi and good food!

3. Connect with others. It can be discouraging if people around you are enjoying there holiday while you stress over that email from your client. I found it really helpful to meet others who were also in work mode.

4. Set a schedule. You need to be pretty strict about your work days and schedule otherwise one excuse leads to another. To fit in with friends in Bali I changed my work week to a Monday - Friday week and treated my work days like any normal work day. I kept normal routines like exercise and avoided alcohol during the week.

5. Build in time to relax! My original plan on heading to Bali was to work the whole time and take weekends off. I decided in hindsight that I should take some holiday so set aside some time for a break. This motivated me to work harder on my working days to fit everything in before the break.