Thoughts From Our Heads

Thoughts From Our Heads


Recruitment Interview Techniques Overhauled

Wednesday 16th April 2014


How do you go about conducting an interview? If you are like most people you have a list of things you want to know about the candidate, you have their CV and maybe a list of questions to ask them.

Now think about if you were going for a job. How do you prepare? You prepare examples of successful projects that you have worked on, think of examples that highlight the skills in your CV, and plan for those inevitable questions surrounding your strengths and weaknesses. If you are outgoing, confident or a good communicator, the interview for you is a breeze. You know the right things to say, you are good at selling yourself. The interview format is ideal for people who love talking about themselves and have lots of confidence. They come across as smart, smooth and competent. The trick is to see underneath the gloss, to catch people off guard and get them off their pre-planned interview script.

If you are trained in spotting micro expressions a good trick is to make presumptions about a person based on their CV and catch their reaction to that assumption. So for example, you could say, 'I see you have worked on a lot of different team projects, you must have very good relationships with your colleagues.' Now watch... do they show happiness at your comment, indicating they agree, do they show surprise, contempt, disgust or fear which would meant very different things. The point is that people are very prepared to lie or bend the truth when they talk. They are used to it and very practiced. But people don't lie when they listen; they can't control what happens on their face in response to what someone else says.

Reading these vital body language signals as an interviewer will enable you to spot inconsistencies in what candidates are telling you and separate the just confident from the actually capable.