Thoughts From Our Heads

Thoughts From Our Heads


Increasing your satisfaction at work

Friday 25th September 2015



Do you feel stuck in a rut at work? Are you satisfied with your role? Job dissatisfaction levels are reportedly pretty high in the UAE (around 73%*). This seems high but also plausible; when residence status is tied to your job many will stay longer in a role they do not like. Given that we spend a third of our life at work, it pays to put in a bit of effort into making your working life better.

1. Are you in the right job? People will report higher job dissatisfaction when their job isn't a good fit for their core skills and personality traits. If you are an outgoing people person but spend most of your time in an office working on solo projects you are bound to be dissatisfied. Make a list of things you are naturally good at and enjoy doing and make another list of your core job responsibilities. How much cross over is there? Are you getting the opportunity to do things you excel at and enjoy?

2. Improve your relationship with your manager. People don't leave companies, they leave managers so improving this critical relationship can go a long way to improving your work situation. If you don't like your manager or suspect they're don't like you, or if you just have a clash of ideas or communication styles; you can do something about it. The onus shouldn't only be on your manager to act. Take matters into your own hands. Have an open and honest conversation about the issues between you; schedule more catch up time and express your desire to work together cooperatively. Remember there are reasons underlying everyone's actions so find out what your managers motivations and core needs are.

3. Find ways to be better. We take pleasure from doing things well. The more effort we put into something the more we will be rewarded back. Think about how you can improve your own performance. Look for opportunities in learning and development and get better at your job. Dissatisfaction will creep in when we start to not care about what we are doing. It is easier to act yourself into a new way of feeling than feel yourself into a new way of acting. So act like you like your job and hopefully the feeling will follow.

4. Be more proactive outside of your job role. No good will come from moaning about how bad your company is and how you wish things would change. The temptation when we don't like a situation is to step back and have less involvement other than what is required. This wont help in the long term, so if you plan on staying, get involved. Make suggestions, volunteer for new projects and talk to people in different departments. The more you do and connect with others the more you will learn and increase your potential to influence.

*statistic from YouGov and Bayt survey.