Thoughts From Our Heads

Thoughts From Our Heads


What is #IamRemarkable?

Wednesday 1st July 2020


You may have seen Linked in posts about #IamRemarkable workshops and people saying why they are remarkable. Who are all these big headed people who think they are so great!? I was one of those people so thought I’d explain what #IamRemarkable is and why people are loving it so much.

What is it?


#IamRemarkable is an initiative to get women and minority groups comfortable talking about their accomplishments. It started as a Google 20% time project* and has gone from an internal Google workshop to a publicly available session that anyone can attend. The #IamRemarkable workshop is a response to that fact that women tend to not be as comfortable as men in talking about their accomplishments and tend to not put themselves forward as much for project leads and promotions. While this project started out focussed on women, the research shows that the same principles apply to racial and ethnic minority groups too.


So what’s it really about?


Ultimately #IamRemarkable is about redressing the gender imbalance at the senior levels of organisations. If women can’t get comfortable promoting themselves and going for new roles that are beyond their current abilities we will continue to see men dominate the boardrooms. Self-promotion is one part of a much bigger set of changes that need to happen for equality to be a reality. This is a good way to get conversations started about what wider changes need to happen in your company to build a more diverse leadership team.


What do people think?


In my experience running these sessions the attendees have left feeling uplifted and motivated. Sharing what we are good at makes us feel positive about our own abilities and connects us to each other. It is our aim with these 90-minute workshops to help people to aim higher, see themselves in their best light, shift negative self-talk and lift each other up.


Attendee Feedback


"Really great session left me feeling inspired and motivated. Really enjoyed hearing everyone else’s experiences too.Thank you."

Laura Devries, Financial Adviser, Bartlett Group


I am remarkable because I had the absolute pleasure of being part of an incredible workshop today discussing gender bias in the workplace and tackling why we cannot talk about our successes as women. It truly uplifted my spirits and gave seven women the opportunity to talk candidly about their thoughts and own experiences and gave us some excellent things to think about as well as some homework to help us become even more magnificent!

Annabel Robinson, Head of Sixth Form, Collegiate School


How do I get involved?


We are currently offering free #IamRemarkable workshops to all existing FH Insights clients. If you are not a client and would like a session, please contact us to discuss. Learn more and request a session.

*20% time is a Google initiative where employees have 20% of their time to work on anything they want, people have built bike sheds, fixed code issues and started new projects such as this one, AdSense and Google News.