Thoughts From Our Heads

Thoughts From Our Heads


How the 34 strengths do Holiday Planning

Thursday 21st February 2019

I am on holiday this week so as any normal person does, I got thinking about how people with each strength approaches their holidays! If you know your strengths see if the below relates to you and if you don’t know your strengths, which of the descriptions can you identify with – that can give you an insight into what your strengths might be!


My top 5 is Activator, Communication, Maximiser, Individualization, Arranger. So, I am a last minute holiday booker, who plans detailed daily schedules, updates everyone with what we are doing, suggests improvements to the places we visit and considers everyone’s preferences when planning the trip. Anyone who has been on holiday with me can attest to all of this been true!

Achiever – you want to get as much done as possible, each day is filled with activities 

Activator – you made a last minute booking because someone said Bali is nice this time of year 

Adaptability – you do little planning and take each day as it comes 

Analytical - you study all the options within price range, rate each one by assessment criteria and come up with perfect destination 

Arranger – you plan a daily itinerary that covers all the major sites, leaving time for recovering from jet lag, travel time and considering hotel check in times. Distribute itinerary to everyone in advance. 

Belief - you pick a destination country that aligns with your principles and values. Some countries and governments you just would not want to support. 

Command - you don’t hold back in sharing what you want to get out of the holiday and encourage everyone else to say what they want too.

Communication - you make sure everyone is informed about what you are doing and keep friends back home up to date with your adventures 

Competition - you bring cards and games to keep everyone entertained and plan group competitions

Connectedness - you connect to the spirituality of your destination and learn about the local culture 

Consistency - you ensure everyone has their say in what you do and create a special holiday for everyone 

Context - you learn about the history of the place by visiting museums and places of historical significance 

Deliberative - you plan and prepare for anything that might go wrong. First aid kits, travel insurance and all weather clothing to name a few

Developer - you use the holiday as an opportunity to teach the kids about planning/culture/finances/geography 

Discipline - you have allocated a set budget for the trip and ensure you are meeting it daily


Focus - you have a clear intention for the holiday and make sure that your energy goes towards meeting that objective 

Futuristic - you use the experience to mentally plan your next adventure with your family 

Harmony - your resolve the kids arguments by reminding them they are here to enjoy the holiday together 

Ideation - you come up with an idea for a new travel app while away and wonder why no one has thought of it before 

Includer - you meet an old lady traveling alone and invite her to join you to dinner 

Individualisation - you craft personal days for each member of your family where they get to do what they love

Input - you research all the travel sites, reading reviews and what to do and learning about the place before you travel

Intellection - you want time away from the group whilst away to finish some books you have been meaning to read

Learner - you use the opportunity to learn a new skill, scuba diving, waterskiing or rafting are things you are keen to try!

Maximiser - you let the hotel manager know what he needs to do to improve the service 

Positivity - you keep everyone’s spirits up when the rain spoils your day and plan some fun indoor activities instead 

Realtor - you use the time to connect with your family and strengthen your bonds. Long walks and long talks are your cup of tea 

Responsibility - you look after everyone by packing for them, making sure they have everything they need and constantly applying their sun screen!

Restorative - when the go pro breaks you already have the right equipment to fix it and it’s back in action in no time. 

Self-assurance - you are confident you have made the right choice of destination and wonder why everyone doesn’t do the same as what you do

Significance - you leave a donation to a local charity while away and they give you a shout out on their social media 

Strategic - you don’t stress when you miss your connecting flight, you plan an alternative flight and take in an unplanned night in a new city 

WOO - you make a new friend on the plane who lives where you are going and they offer to show you round on your arrival


If you want to know you strengths or want to learn more about your strengths get in touch with us.