Thoughts From Our Heads

Thoughts From Our Heads


5 Steps To Building A Culture Of Customer Service Excellence

Wednesday 17th October 2018


1. Put your employees first

 Yep you read right, put your employees first, not your customers. Look after your employees, treat them well and they will do the same for your customers. Happy staff means happy customers. 

2. Start at the top 

Good customer service needs to be embedded into the DNA of your business and this means it needs to come from the top. Senior managers need to take an active interest in customer service and invest appropriately in resources to make it a success. They need to get involved at ground level to understand the challenges and how to improve customer interactions. 

3. Get the technology right 

Often companies can have good intensions and a great team but if the technology isn't there to support the customer service efforts the service efforts will ultimately fail. Give people access to the information they need and make sure they can access it quickly and easily. 

4. Train people well 

You can't expect your people to deliver good customer service if you haven't properly trained them to do so. Be clear on your values and filter these down to your customer facing staff. Clarify what you expect from them and provide them with enough structure to deliver consistent service and enough freedom to allow their personality to shine through. 

5. Listen and Learn 

Without doubt mistakes will happen. What matters is how you recover from those mistakes. Listen to feedback from your customers and your employees and take those lessons to improve service in the future. This is a continuous journey and if you take your foot off the pedal at any stage you will start to